TERMS: Net 30 with approved credit. Prepaid without credit approval. C.O.D. orders are not accepted.

SHIPPING: Freight charges are FOB Randleman, NC. Delivery via Federal Express 2-day.

PURCHASE ORDERS: All orders must be submitted in writing via fax to (336) 674-8434. Purchase orders must list Orion Emblem, Inc. article number, quantity, description of emblem, and type of backing required on emblems.

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES: Minimum order for emblems 6" and under is 200 pcs. Minimum order for emblems over 6" is 100 pcs. (Orders under minimum will incur an additional charge as well as set up and sample charges.)

CORRECTIONS OR CANCELLATION: Any change to an order in process will incur charges for all costs to date. Manufacturing begins the day the order is received. Completed orders cannot be changed or cancelled.

ORDER PRODUCTION TIME: Normal production of orders is 12 to 15 business days from receipt of order (with approved sample).

RUSH DELIVERY: If it is necessary to expedite an order, rush charges will be incurred.

ARTWORK: Accepted forms of artwork are as follows:

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IBM PC Disk - non-compressed, .jpg format (Mac Disks are not acceptable.) A hard copy of the art must be submitted with the disk, along with specific Pantone color instructions.

E-Mail - Art can be sent via e-mail as a .jpg, .eps or .ai file to:

Camera Ready Color Art is also acceptable.

The following is NOT considered to be camera ready art: Rough Sketches, Business Cards, Fax Transmissions, Photocopies, Letterhead, Laser Printed Artwork of less than 300 dpi. Any art submitted in a form other than accepted formats will incur art charges at $50.00 per hour.

TAPE CHARGES: There are no tape charges for samples that result in an order. All tapes are owned and retained by the factory.

SAMPLE PRODUCTION TIME: Production of samples is approximately 2 1/2 weeks from the date approved art is received.

SAMPLE INFORMATION: Please give us the following information when submitting a request for samples:

PMS Color References: (Half tones are not accepted.) Exact color matches are not guaranteed due to natural variations in thread dye lots. There will be an additional charge if it is necessary to dye thread to match a specific color.

Exact Size Requirements: Please specify the exact size requirement when sending art.

Type of Backing: Heat Seal, No Backing, Thin Plastic Backing, Full Pressure Sensitive Backing.

Emblem Specifications: Please specify if the emblem is to be 100% embroidery, or embroidery on a specific fabric such as twill or felt. Specialty fabrics are limited to the available supply on hand from the manufacturer.

Border: Please specify if the emblem will have a satin stitched edge, merrowed edge or unfinished edge. Please note if emblems have an unfinished twill edge the twill will fray.

SAMPLE CHARGE: We do not charge for samples that result in a Purchase Order. If an order is not received, sample charges will be incurred.

EMBLEM APPLICATION: Heat Seal emblems cannot be applied to fabric that has been treated to be water resistant. (Tent fabric, Nylon Back Packs and Windbreakers are examples of types of material that heat seal will not adhere to.) Please specify if garments are to be industrial or commercial laundered so the proper type of heat seal can be used.

QUOTES: All quotes are given within 24 business hours after receipt of acceptable artwork, quantity, and production specifications.

TRADEMARKS: All licensed, copyrighted, and trademarked logos submitted for reproduction must be accompanied by proof of authorization by the licensing entity to our customer allowing them to use such design. In addition, the licensing entity will need to supply written authorization to Orion Emblem, Inc. allowing Orion Emblem, Inc. to manufacture and import emblems bearing the trademarked designs. These authorization letters will be kept on file in the office of the U.S. Customs Department.