Application instructions using a household iron:

1. Set the iron on the cotton setting. DO NOT USE STEAM!!!

2. If garment has been washed before applying emblem, make sure not to use liquid fabric softener.

3. Pre-heat the garment where the emblem will be applied (approximately 4 seconds). Be sure not to scorch the fabric. (You may want to put a thin cloth over the area to keep from burning the fabric.

4. Place the emblem on the pre-heated garment where it will be affixed.

5. Cover the emblem with a thin cloth to protect the garment from scorching.

6. Press for approximately 15 to 20 seconds while slightly rotating the iron. Be careful not to displace the emblem.

7. Turn garment inside out and apply heat to the backside of the garment where emblem is located for approximately 15 seconds to secure the heat seal.

8. Do not pull or tug on the emblem for 24 hours.

9. Do not launder the garment for 24 hours.

Testing is always recommended!

Please note:

- Do not apply to Wool, Cashmere, Silk or Leather.

- Emblems cannot be heat applied to fabric or garments that have been treated to be water resistant. Examples: Windbreakers, Nylon garments, Umbrellas, Tent Material, Backpacks.

*Not intended for small children or pets, unless already heat applied to garments. Not a toy!